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Conjugation of Portuguese Verb comer



Indicative Tenses

eu cominós comemos
tu comestevós comestes
ele comeueles comeram
past imperfect
eu comianós comíamos
tu comiasvós comíeis
ele comiaeles comiam
past pluperfect
eu comeranós comêramos
tu comerasvós comêreis
ele comeraeles comeram

Indicative Tenses

eu comonós comemos
tu comesvós comeis
ele comeeles comem
eu comereinós comeremos
tu comerásvós comereis
ele comeráeles comerão
nós comamos
tu comevós comei
ele comaeles comam
eu comerianós comeríamos
tu comeriasvós comeríeis
ele comeriaeles comeriam
personal infinitive
eu comernós comermos
tu comeresvós comerdes
ele comereles comerem

Subjunctive Tenses

past imperfect
eu comessenós comêssemos
tu comessesvós comêsseis
ele comesseeles comessem
eu comanós comamos
tu comasvós comais
ele comaeles comam
eu comernós comermos
tu comeresvós comerdes
ele comereles comerem
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*Verbs are shown as radical + verb pattern or irregular verb. For example, the infinitive gostar conjugation is shown as 'gost' + 'ar'. The irregular first person singular preterite of ter conjugation is shown as tive.

The -ER conjugation is similar to the -AR conjugation with the following exceptions:
  1. The first 'a's in the changing parts of the verbs are replaced with 'e's.
  2. The past imperfect 'av's are replaced with 'i's.
  3. The preterite indicative 1st person singular 'ei' is replaced with 'i' and the 3rd person singular final 'o' is replaced with an 'e'.
  4. The present subjunctive follows the general rule in which the base of the word is determined by the present indicative 1st person singular and dropping the final 'o'. In comparison to the -ar conjugation, the final 'e's are then replaced with 'a's.
  5. When an 'á' is replaced by an e the accent changes to an 'ê'.
  6. The preterite indicative 1st person plural's accent is dropped.
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